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Video:'I don't beg to attend event', Ngozi Adeleke fumes as co-wife attend event with her

"I don't beg to include my name. I don't beg for occasions. Occasions beg for me".

Watch Moment Adeleke's wife Ngozi fumes as co wife attended same event. 

 "I don't beg for occasions. Right now, I choose occasions I honoured. Like I told you, I had to squeeze out some and push one forward today for me to be able to come here today. 

"I don't beg for including my name. As you are looking at me, look at me very well, my name is Erelu Ngozi Adeleke, the wife of Osun State Governor, I don't beg for occasions. 

"Occasions beg for me to be present and I'm glad and happy I was able to make it to this very one."

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