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Ifon-Orolu community writes Adeleke, demands transfer of Head of lg administration


Stakeholders in Ifon-Orolu community have appealed to the Governor of Osun State to immediately transfer the Head of Local Government Administration and the Director of Finance, Orolu Local Government, Prince Adewale Adedapo and Prince Sunday Olaoye, over their poor working relationship with the community. 

The stakeholders in a letter sent to the Governor, said the two principal officers have been absent from their offices many times, adding that they only came to work when there was a need to share the financial allocation of the council.

In the letter, signed by the Easa of Ifon-Orolu, High Chief Babatunde Oyetunji and Baba-Kekere Olufon, Prince Oladepo Akintola, the community, also accused the duo of financial recklessness, saying their actions were a deliberate effort to tarnish the good image of the administration of Senator Ademola Adeleke

"We are demanding immediate transfer of Prince Adewale Adedapo the Head of Local Government Administration, and Prince Sunday Olaoye - the Director of Finance in Orolu Local Government, Ifon-Osun based on the following reasons:

"Both Principal Officers have been working in Orolu Local Government for accumulated about five (5) years. They are truly having poor working relationships with the community.

"The administrative styles of these officers have been contributing to the poor development of Orolu Communities despite numerous opportunities.

"The community has observed a lot of operational abnormalities, financial and administrative recklessness in the mode of managing the affairs of the Orolu Local Government.

"We can no longer bear such a trend because these are having negative effects on our community security and overall development of Orolu Kingdom.

"In view of the above facts, coupled with other privileged and confidential information at the reach

of the community leaders; we are requesting for immediate transfer of both Principal Officers. Orolu Stakeholders/Community leaders recognize the need to take appropriate action to nip any possible public revolt in the bud".

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