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Leadership has gone beyond sinking borehole, installing street light - NNPP Osun Central Senatorial Candidate

Mr. Bamigbola Clement Kola, is the Osun Central  Senatorial Candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, (NNPP), in the forthcoming general election. 

Bamigbola, an Associate of Chartered Institute of Marketing, in this interview with Osun Daily, speaks on why he is the best man for the job.  Excerpts.......

What informed your decision to contest for the senatorial seat?

My political journey, dated back to 1999. I've worked and participated in many political activities during this period. 

Initially, I wanted to stay away from politics but having gained enough experience coupled with the fact that people need visionary leaders like me, I decided to come out and contest. 

Also, our electoral umpire (INEC), has introduced some sanity into the system which makes people like me come out to contest. 

What is the difference this time around?

Let me tell you, the world has gone beyond political officeholders sinking boreholes or installing solar lights. It shows the kind of leaders we currently have. These people do not have foresight. They lack vision. 

The borehole and solar light might serve immediate purposes, but what of the future purpose? Will the borehole and solar make our children's lives better? I doubt. 

The current senator representing this constituency, what did he do in his first three years in office? Nothing. 

Now he is running to places to give them boreholes and solar thinking the people will fall for his devilish tricks again, but that will not happen.

 He has been given the opportunity and he did not use it well, now it's time for someone with vision, someone who cares about the people and the future of our children to be entrusted. That someone is me (Bamigbola Clement) and I will not disappoint. 

Go and check my track record, everywhere I've worked or participated in something, I stand out. 

I'm going there to serve the people in the best possible way, not by giving them N20,000 as empowerment like our brothers do.

 I want to change the narration and I want the people to see that there is more to representation than they are getting presently.


NNPP is a new political party in Osun State. Winning an election has to do with having political structure and when compared to the APC and PDP, your party does not have that now. Don't you see that as an obstacle to your emergence as a senator?

I believe strongly that with the grace of Almighty God and the support of my people, I will win the election.  

Politics have gone beyond party. People are now reasoning alongside individual abilities and capabilities. 

It is not about being in the APC or PDP. It is about what you can do differently as a person. I have a lot of ideas, that will change the narration of our great sartorial district if elected. 

The majority of the politicians from the two main parties have betrayed the trust of the people. They only come to make fake promises when they wanted to seek a position but once they get there, they no longer care about the people but themselves, and our people are wiser now.

What has the current Senator representing the people of this constituency done to deserve a return? People have given enough opportunities to both the APC and the PDP and they can see nothing good is coming from trusting them with power. 

I've been engaging in door-to-door campaigns and my people have been hearing, firsthand, what I have for them if elected. 

With the feedback I've gotten from my people, "I'm quite confident of defeating the so-called candidates from the major political parties".

What has been your message to your supporters and party members in terms of winning the coming election?

The only message I've been passing to my party members and supporters is that they should not bow to any form of political intimidation. 

 I know the major parties and their candidates have the finances but I want people to know that if they sell their votes for peanuts, the consequence will be detrimental.

My message has been very clear and my people are reasoning with me. We will go to the poll and win. I want you to know that the result of the election will shock the major parties. Their time has gone, our time is now.

There have been calls from some quarters for the postponement of the general elections, what is your take on this?

 I am not going to support those calling for the postponement of the election. If you look at it critically, you will see that the crises (naira, fuel) we are facing currently as Nigerians were the work of some cabals who are bent on disrupting the peace of the over 200 million Nigerians.

Where were all these people during the End Sars protest, where were they when bandits are killing and kidnapping our family? They are selfish people who knew their game is about to be over. 

Our people are agitating for change. Anything apart from changing the present situation Nigerians are facing will not be entertained.  

The election will go on as planned and I believe this coming election is for Nigerians to show the so-called cabals that we are now wiser and ready to change the status quo.

Vote buying is a normal trend in Nigeria's elections, how do you intend to compete financially with the candidates of the major parties?

The major issue that characterises our elections is vote buying,  but I believe with the introduction of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BIVAS), vote buying has reduced.

Notwithstanding, my party is confident of victory without recourse for vote buying, we are not going to join them in their evil ways because what we are clamoring for is a new Nigeria where everyone will have equal representation and opportunity.

The non-performance of our leaders, coupled with their inability to deliver on their electoral promises made them engage in vote buying, but the electorates are now wise.

If they are popular and have done enough to deserve to be elected, why will they go about trying to buy votes? They know they can't win if the game is played neatly and squarely. 

They are no longer ready to mortgage their future for a stipend. As I earlier said, this election will be a turning point for the good people of Nigeria and a disappointment to those who believe that with their corrupt money, they can buy the conscience of the masses.

I'm just appealing to the people not to allow the peanut they will give them to sway them from voting their conscience. The people have seen how these people have bastardized our economy and made us a slave in our own country. They are not to be trusted.

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