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Presidential polls: ‘Charlatans out to scuttle Tinubu’s ambition’


A group, The Patriots Roundtable, on Thursday, expressed worry over those trying to scuttle the ambition of All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Candidate, Bola Tinubu saying their plans will fail.

The group, in a statement by its Director General, Prince Uthman Shodipe-Dosunmu described those out to ensure Tinubu’s defeat as charlatans.

The statement, titled ‘Between Asiwaju and his Agonists’, reads:  “The gloves are off. The fray is now in the open. We will no longer give any quarters nor be muffled by flawed characters playing saintly articulations, horrid men of yesterday pretending pulchritude. 

We are our worst enemies; at least a depraved minutiae of the Yoruba league in cahoots with the usual suspects: the venomous nepotistic little tribalists pretending patriotic zeal. 

“Yes, we know them all: the conflicted, confused, confusing, straw, mercenary little men who would hide under the preachment of nativity as they sink in dirty , cesspool of narrow partisan canvassing while their fixation is about personal gains and nepotistic favoritism.

Behold, these are not men of apparent beatitudes. No. They are are nothing but masked ogres pretending sanctifications of heavens; faulty, hollow men hollering substantiation.

“They shout hallelujah about some dubious liberator agenda, rousing in pretentious anger about despoliation of their heritage while infact , they basically play all sides, hiding behind a shallow frame even as the good Lord reveals their dubiousity. 

“They would suborn the dirty judges to get a transient judgement. They would distort and twist the hour to gain a favor. They would malign the innocent to serve the moment.

“These charlatans are not patriots. These aged, defrocked, straggling, ill and monstrously weighted darklings are born of venom, hewn in evil, pronounced in total perfidy while they abuse others of the very monstrosity they are woven in.

We see this now in some men who feign selfless activism but reside in the putrid latitude of patent greed and selfish pivot. They shout and holler in pretentious addiction, but they believe in nothing save their hideous bulging pockets.

“They would collide with the Jagaban a thousand times while in the dark places they laugh greedily and smack their oafish lips as they walk away with a multiple bullion vans every election season.

We are strung in the fools’ paradise while they pretend a messianic carriage of our fate.

Unlike the Jagaban whose purpose is clear, whose vision resides in lifting others up, whose determination is about the greatest good of the greatest number, these no -gooders are resolved in the desperate vanity of self celebration while others are retarded in screaming servitude amid the darkness of a forfeited fate.

“We had been in this dungeon once, believing black is white, trusted that the chicken is an egg, deluded by those who once looted this orphaned nation in other dispensation but now pretending seraphic salvaging .

“They command in martial immediacy, summoning everyone to their servitude, repressing the talented , the meritorious to the darkness of history while they shine in odious, chest beating infamy.

But now the gods of the land are angry. The dubious are revealed in vivid shabbiness. They have no where to hide again save in the dust bin of history while the Asiwaju rises in destiny chosen light. We stand with him in the footings of fate.

“In this thronging malice against Asiwaju are the other interlopers, the primitive Talibans of Araby , bent on sabotaging the presidential election next month.

“These agonists have weaponized the naira barely two months before the election, changing the ink in some dubious agenda to thwart a man of destiny, suddenly manufacturing a fuel shortage to disrupt the electoral process, sponsoring arsonists to set INEC offices in flame, rousing new terrors in desperate attempt to stop the election.

“It will never happen. We will grapple with the saboteurs in all corners, challenging their odious largeness with the badge of the redeeming light.

“We will never be frightened by the agents of evil. We will never submit nor prostrate before those who benefit from the transient cesspool of history. We will never compromise with nor embrace the concourse of malignity. 

We remain defiant, unmoved, resolute on the righteous path, scoffing at the venomous conspirators. Now the barricades are flung open. The grapple starts anew.”

Credit: Punch online

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