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Sunday Igboho Lambasts Gumi Over Appeal To Vote For Politicians Who Won't Attack, Kill Terrorists

*Describe him As A Terrorist Sympathiser,

Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly called Sunday Igboho, has described controversial Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi as a terrorist sympathiser. 

Igboho disclosed this while reacting to a trending video of the Gumi warning Northerners against voting for politicians who won’t grant amnesty to bandits wreaking havoc across the region.

According to the Islamic cleric in a report published by SaharaReporters, the terrorists are warriors who shouldn’t be killed but negotiated with.

“All these contestants, I have been listening to their speech and I have seen some speech where they stated that they are only waiting for them to be given power so they can bring more rules that will help them attack and kill the terrorists in the bush, our warriors in the forest….. our people in the bush.

“But what we actually want is a government that will call these people to a peaceful talk so we can live in peace. So vote for those who after attaining power will call and negotiate with our people (bandits) so as to give them what they want for peace to reign,” Gumi said in the video.

Gumi has visited gangs of bandits in their hideouts in an attempt to negotiate a peace deal with them.

Reacting in a statement sent to SaharaReporters, Igboho said Gumi’s statement confirms his conviction that Yoruba people must put their destiny into their own hands.

The Yoruba Nation agitator said for the government to make progress in the fight against kidnapping, Nigerians like the Islamic cleric who make unguarded inflammatory statements, should be arrested.

He said, “My attention has been drawn to a dangerous and careless statement made by Sheik Gumi, ‘Don’t vote for politicians who will attack, kill Bandits: They are our warriors in forest- Islamic Cleric, Sheik Gumi tells Northerners’.

“Sahara reporters reported that the above statement emanated from the popular Northern cleric, Sheik Gumi. Sheik Gumi is a known sympathizer of the bandits. He has on many occasions rubbished the Federal Government and clearly canvassing support for the criminal bandits.

“It is surprising that the Federal government has refused to make any move against him despite clear laws banning convert sympathy for terrorists. Gumi’s statement is a confirmation of my conviction that the Yoruba people must put their destiny into their own hands.

“The North is in fact, in control of Nigeria, has lost grip of it and dragging every other tribe to Golgotha. The earlier the Yoruba people realize that their lives are being run by the likes of Sheik Gumi, the better.

“It is now crystal clear that the politicians are behind banditry, kidnapping and terrorism. Imagine, how would the government make progress in the fight against kidnapping when a man like Gumi makes unguarded inflammatory statements of this nature but continue to walk free unchallenged?

“Other ethnic groups in Nigeria are pawn in the deadly games of the North. I saw these issues and they form my unwavering support for Yoruba Nation. Under a Yoruba Nation, there will be no one that would have the gut to fan banditry, kidnapping and terrorism in Yoruba land.

“With Gumi’s statement, is there any need for anyone in Yoruba land to remain on the fence on the matter Yoruba Nation? Everything is a circus. The Yoruba Nation must stand strong, refuse everything that their subjugation represents. The Yoruba people must unite and chart our own agenda.

“This larger issue is not about me (Sunday Igboho). It is about the future and security of our people and the coming generations. I am using this medium to call on all Yoruba sons and daughters to join our engagements and seek to determine their destiny.”

Credit: Sahara Reporters

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