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Ilesa Attack: Omowaye An Attention Seeker With No Relevance - PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Osun State, has hit out at the former commissioner for works and transport in the state, Engr. Remi Omowaye over his claim that the thugs who attacked him and his aids yesterday in Ilesa were sent by the state governor, Ademola Adeleke.

Omowaye had while speaking with newsmen after the incident said he heard one of the thugs saying they were acting on the instruction of the governor, calling on the police to investigate the matter. 

He also accused the PDP of returning the state to the dark days, claiming a lot of attacks and killings had happened since PDP took over power in the state. 

But reacting, the PDP described Omowaye as an attention seeker who as no importance, adding that he had already exhausted his goodwill in Ijesa land. 

The party director of media, Oladele Bamiji, said the governor is a father to all who will not stoop low to attack someone who is no longer relevant. 

His words: "With the way Nigerian political thugs operate, do you think somebody just comes out and says 'I'm acting on the instruction of the governor and I'm here to attack you on behalf of the governor '. That is too petty and it's coming from someone who found himself in a position of privilege and that has been the way he operates. 

"To me, he knows he has exhausted all his goodwill in Ijesaland. Before the last gubernatorial election, he was terrorizing people with thugs in Ilesa, and perhaps, he is conscious of possible repercussions. I understand he has not stepped foot in Ilesa since his party lost that election. 

"The information I got was that yesterday, he surrounded himself with police and thugs and think he should go to Ilesa and show people he has not run away and he felt the only way to announce himself was to start shooting sporadically, especially, while traders were holding their meeting at the market. 

"Why would the government send people to attack him? The election has gone and do you think the governor will stoop low to send people to attack Omowaiye? Who is he that will he will be attacked? 

"If he is attaching any importance to himself, I think that is his arrogance and pride. Nobody is attaching any importance to him".

The party called on the police to investigate the matter and show the world who the mastermind was.

"For us as a party, we would want the police to investigate whatever he said. We are also inviting the police. I know the people concerned in Ilesa have also reported the incident.

"The police, this time, should look at his activities, right from the time of the election till now so that they will be able to arrive at a very informed decision coming out of a thorough investigation". He said. 

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