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Ex Osun APC LG chairman defects to PDP

By Jeleel Olawale

The former Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Ife East Local Government, Mr Kayode Ogundele has defected to the People's Democratic Party, PDP, citing division, lawlessness, insensitivity and marginalisation of Ile Ife in the party.

In an interview with journalists, Ogundele said his defection is long overdue in APC, saying progressivism in APC has been eroded with the movement of former SDP members into the party.

He said there is no original Progressives in APC any longer, stressing that progressive ideas are dead and people are seeking for political food where it is available.

According to him, "those APC referred to as criminals and thieves in the past have taken over the reign of the party. Those who maimed, killed and victimized us fifteen years ago are now saint in APC. The landlords have turned to tenants".

"I was ejected from the party and this showed  that APC is dead in the State. Those who who persecuted us in the past are now leaders of the party and this is a marriage of inconvenience.

Unfortunately, we have a weak Governor, who is the leader of the party in the state, has summited his political will and sovereignty to some impostor cabals in the party. If you have to meet the Governor, he will relay it to his new political leader, it means the Governor is politically not in control of the party (APC)", he lamented.

Ogundele added that, "the original Progressives have been relegated and they don't care about welfare of the citizens. A true Progressives that is still in APC today is a fool. The party has been retrogressive today, and has destroyed humanity.

APC is not a good party again, though PDP may not be a better alternative nevertheless it has national structure. Ile Ife has suffered a lot in terms of good roads network and infrastructural facilities and those representing the town have failed woefully to facilitate dividends of democracy".

The ex-party Chairman recalled that his family suffered in the hands of those who now constitute themselves as emperors in the party. APC is now a company in the hands of some individuals. He said he was on political exile and prison for some years, "I regretted working with APC and the party has nothing to offer Nigerians except propaganda", he declared.

Ogundele opined that he feels happy being in PDP, stressing that it was like home coming," I have been liberated since joining PDP". He noted that though, he was being threatened by some miscreants in his former party.

Speaking on the forthcoming Osun governorship election, the former APC Chairman, said PDP will coast home to victory, adding that PDP will do differently if winning the poll, urging electorates to vote for PDP.

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