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Let's live in peace, Ife community tells Modakeke residents


By Jeleel Olawale

A group in Ile-Ife community has advised residents of Modakeke to shun any act that can cause misunderstanding and allow peace to reign between the two towns. 

This was made known through the President, Great Ife Movement, comrade  Femi Oyeyinka in a chat with our correspondence. 

According to him, recent activities of Modakeke suggests that they are still interested in crisis. 

"It was surprising that Modakeke still lay claim to Urban Day Grammar School, a school situated under Ife Central Local Government whereas Modakeke was under Ife-East. 

"This would have lead to another crisis if not because of maturity of Ile-Ife. They removed sinepost erected bearing Ile-Ife as the owner of the school. There has been suspicion between the two communities and this is dangerous," he said.

We don't want crisis in the communities again even the relationship is absolutely not cordial as expected. Modakeke should believe that they are part of Ife and if this is done, we are one family. Ife is accommodating and they should see themselves as part of us".

Oyeyinka stressed that Osun State has intervened in the matter and there had been relative peace in the affected villages where there was crisis, noting that the issues have not been resolved.

He added: the world press conference held recently which called attention of the state government to the lingering crisis in the villages. The Osun State Boundary commission had wade in which it invited the two communities for peaceful resolution of the lingering crisis and the commission commended Ife for peaceful approach adopted by not taken laws into its hands.

Since the government intervention, there has been relative peace in the affected villages. Ife farmers had been urged to distance themselves from the affected areas pending the resolution of the issues to avoid further crisis. 

They are attacking Ife farmers. The farmers are at receiving end but we have to obey government directive and giving them benefit of doubt, Oyeyinka declared.

He said that several panel of enquiry had recommended that Modakeke should be referred to as Modakeke-Ile Ife but was later jettisoned. They have not been cooperating and if they have been cooperating they would get more than enough from Ife.

"Modakeke should see Ife as her landlord but this, Modakeke does not ready to accept and they are not ready to embrace peace. They are the ones who are terrorizing Ife people on their farm lands.

Modakeke does not respect Ooni of Ife and there are several evidences to proof this. Ooni is accommodating and peaceful, and had been appealing to Ifes to allow peace to reign in the affected villages despite provocative actions of the Modakeke".

He noted that there have been inter-marriage relationship between the two communities from the time immemorial and this shows that there has been living together peacefully until few years back when things changed.

Oyeyinka called on Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi to be above board before it goes out of hands, saying Ife people are being maimed on their farm land. He said families in Ife cannot go to their farm land in Modakeke areas because of fear of being killed by Modakeke.

He said Ooni should work with the state government to find lasting solutions to the lingering crisis in the affected villages. Modakeke should be paying tenancy to Ifes and allow Ife monarchs to return to their ancestral land.

The GIM president therefore called on Ifes to allow Modakekes to return to their farms under Ife and be paying tenancy in the interest of peace and stop killing one another.

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