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Emulate virtues of Muhammed, cleric tells Nigerians

By Jeleel Olawale

An Islamic preacher in Osun State, Ustaz AbdulRahmon Salaudeen Arikewusola has called on Nigerians to emulate the virtues of prophet Muhammed ( SAW) in order to have a better society. 

The Cleric made the disclosure at a lecture entitled, 'When Our Decree Came' organized by an Islamic group, "Faith Centre of Nigeria" in Ile-Ife.

According to him, we must all obey Allah and follow the deeds of prophet Muhammed before we can have a better society. We have deviated from the commands of Allah and teachings of prophet muhammad and these have made our society to be rotten.

AbdulRahmon said things would continue to get worse untill citizens obey Allah and follow the teachings of  prophet Muhammed, stressing that Mecca was in bad state before the advent of the prophet Muhammed but things changed better for them when they followed the good virtues of prophet Muhammed.

He noted that the state of things would be better when we have change of attitude. "We need to reform our education in line with the commands and rules of Allah because everyone goes through education. All our deeds should be based on the virtues of prophet Muhammed. 

All clerics should be good examples to their followers and preach good virtues as exemplified by the prophet Muhammed. They should uphold the tenents of islam".

Ustaz AbdulRahmon called on government at all levels to reform the society with a view to have a better society and admonished Islamic clerics to come together to preach righteous.

He urged people to imbibe lessons of ramadan in their activities during and after, and move closer to Allah.

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