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APC convention, a charade -party chieftain

By Jeleel Olawale

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Mr. Kayode Ogundele has described the just concluded convention of the party as a charade that portends danger to the nation. He said the party handed over its reign to the members of the new Peoples Democratic Party(nPDP) who defected to the APC recently.

Ogundele made this known in a chat with Osundaily. According to him, the convention is not a rancor-free one because people are forced to withdraw. Some people are cheated and the consensus was the arrangement of the governors to further their control of the party.

He said politics ought to be social interaction between individuals for governance and a political party which is a group of individuals who share the same ideology for governance but the ideology is dead now. 

"APC is no longer a progressive party because the ideology is dead. Those who came to the party recently are those that constituted newly inaugurated executives. The founding fathers of the party have been sidelined and the nPDP has taken over the affairs of the party.

What we have in politics today is about personal interest, not thinking about the interest of society. Politicians are defecting from one party to the other because of their selfish interests and this is worrisome. This is unhealthy for the nation".

Ogundele said: "there is a cold war in APC presently and there is a need for the executives to mend fences to avoid an unavailable crack in the party. Even in Ile-Ife, the home of the new National Secretary of the party, some people may not be allied with him because of the situation in the party".

The party chieftain stressed that senator Iyiola Omisore was given the national Secretary of the party to win the Osun governorship election, saying he should be a rallying point and center of unity in the party but his nature of politics may not allow him to be. He should be just to all members of the party and made equity his principle.

Nigeria is a living hell because the economy is in a terrible state, people are hungry and angry. The devil is at work. The economy is forcing people into different forms of criminality and building on lies every day, Ogundele declared.

He opined that some members of the APC are resigning from the party internally because they felt justice is not seen to have been done to their case. Those in the helms of affairs of the party have seen some members as enemies within. Tenants have taken over the reign of the party.

"APC seems to have not provided lasting solutions to problems bedeviling the country. We need leaders that are not sit-tight or power mongers who see life as vanity and give us the Nigeria we are dreaming of.

We need mental orientation to save the nation from being collapsed. Though, APC is still a better party but has not provided lasting solutions to current challenges facing the nation".

Ogundele noted that the present state of party politics in Nigeria is worrisome because we are recycling politicians. 
He, therefore, enjoined citizens to continue supporting APC as a state of affairs that will still be better in the future.

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