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Traditionalists lament slow police response to distress calls, vow to protect Yorubas with spiritual powers


A group of traditional religion adherents , Association of Ajo Esin Abalaye Adulawo of Nigeria, on Sunday , said it would deploy spiritual powers to secure Yorubaland should the police and other security agents continue to ignore distress calls by the people .

The group , in a statement signed by the Executive President of the group , Dr Olalekan Atanda , and obtained by our correspondent in Osogbo , said centuries before the advent of the police and other security agencies , Yoruba people had secured their space using  spiritual powers.

Atanda also said if called upon , members of the group would assist security agents in providing security for lives and property in the region.

He further urged Nigerians to respect the law , while imploring security agents to fear God in the discharge of their duties to ensure peace in the land .

The statement read in part , “ We are aware of the slow or lack of response to distress calls by security agencies , especially the police . We want to remind all those saddled with the task of securing the country , Yorubaland in particular that our forefathers kept our land safe without relying on either the police or the Army for several centuries .

“ Spiritual powers that our ancestors bequeathed to us are still available . They used the powers and we believe in the efficacy of the powers . In our capacity as leaders of traditional religion adherents , we would not mind deploying our traditional powers to keep Yorubaland safe ."

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