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Looting : Oyetola gives commercial motorcyclists two weeks for documentation


Following recent  looting,  vandalization of government and private properties and general  disruption of peace, the Governor of the State of Osun, Mr Adegboyega Oyetola, has given a two-week ultimatum for  full documentation and registration of all commercial motorcycle operations and  operators  in the State or risk suspension of their operations.

The operation of commercial motorcycle operators in the state has also been limited to 8:00pm daily. Failure to comply with this new directive will lead to  suspension of commercial motorcycle operations across the state.


Governor Oyetola made this known, Tuesday evening , at a meeting with the leadership of the associations of commercial motorcycle operators in the State

He expressed  his shock and displeasure  at the way motorcycle operators allowed themselves to be used to cause unprecedented damages around the state in the last few days .

Addressing the representatives of the Okada riders in the state, Oyetola said, “Security reports revealed that your members played major roles in the destabilization and breakdown of law and order that necessitated the imposition of curfew in the State. Your members were the ones who ferried looters from house to house to perpetrate evil.  They were the ones who were paid to transport hoodlums to destroy people’s businesses.

“I can also confirm to you that even the attempt on my life was aided by some of your members, who after our escape from the mob, gave  my convoy a long chase and attempted to block our movement at different points. We also have security reports that some of your members are involved in all forms of illicit activities like robbery, kidnapping, and ritual killings.


“Considering all these,  the government cannot pretend that all is well because the primary duty of government is to ensure security of life and property of its citizens.  That is why we are mandating  all the various associations of commercial motorcycle in the state to document  their members, register their bikes, issue them tags and reflective jackets with bold prints behind showing the different areas and unit of operation. This exercise is expected to be concluded within two weeks from the time of this meeting. The  time has come to separate the wheat from the chaff

“As leaders of the association,  please ensure this is done otherwise government will have no option but to suspect okada operations in the state. ”

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