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Ede Poly produces low cost temperature scanner

Niyi Akande, Osogbo.

Rector of Federal Polytechnic, Ede, Osun State, Dr. John Adekolawole, has said the institution had produced remote body temperature scanner that cost less than N20,000.

A statement by Sola Lawal, the Polytechnic Public Relations Officer, said the Rector, who led group of experts that produced the device, had assured that mass production of the scanner had already started and called for partnership by critical stakeholders.

Adekolawole explained that a typical imported model of the device will costs N60, 000 or more depending on the location and type.

On the machine works, Adekolawole said, "The remote body temperature scanner operates on the principle of the black-body radiation law by measuring temperature of an object from a distance (a perfect ingredient for maintaining the physical distancing protocol of the Covid-19 safety regulations). 

"The developed device consists of an infrared sensor that captures the thermal radiation of any object within its field of view and then converts the radiant power to an electrical signal. 

"The measured electrical signal is subsequently amplified using a microcontroller. Using characteristics calibration equation, the amplitude of the measured IR energy is then converted to temperature units, after which the measured value is subsequently displayed on an LCD screen. The fabricated remote body scanner is calibrated using a standard clinical thermometer.

"The prototype for the remote body temperature scanner comes in a distinct locally fabricated 3D model developed in Autodesk Fusion 360 and printed with a thermoplastic polyester material also known as Polylactic acid. The 3D casing is easy to assemble and accommodates perfectly a 9V battery on which the remote body temperature scanner operates. 

"The prototype is commercial ready and requires no special expertise to operate. The prototype was produced for less than N20, 000. The Polytechnic intends to produce one for all the departments and units within the institution even as it prepares for the Post Covid-19 era. Plans are in top gear to also mass produce the Remote body temperature scanner which will further reduce its overall cost. Industrial partnership is highly welcomed."

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