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Oba igbalode...

By Akin Owolabi

I have read a lot of questions people are asking on the modalities for choosing Kings nowadays in Yorubaland. Some are even querying IFA for not doing its job well. I see in all these a set of pretentious people.

Today we're all born again Christians and avowed practising Muslims. So also are our Obas. We have confused tradition, norms and customs with religion. Many of the Kings weren't picked through the rigorous traditional processes. After selection, they don't observe the customary IPEBI rites to the fullest ( some don't even observe it at all).

 IPEBI is where they're to be taken through a lot of things about their kingdoms and their expected behaviour and conduct at various fora and times. Some of them claim to be gods and call the bluff of all traditions, customs and norms.

 The resultant effects are what we see manifesting in various dimensions today. It's so because we see those two religions as mere escape routes and so we don't even follow their tenets to the letter. Our case is like the Yoruba witty saying of O N LOLE, KO DELE, O N LOKO, KO DOKO, O TOKO IROKO DOKO IROKOTO.

Today in Yorubaland, there are no more EEWOS- things you mustn't do because of the attendant serious repercussions. EEWOS  used to be one of our moral compasses which we have thrown into the deep abyss of the sea.

Among other abominable things, today siblings sleep together, parents and children do the same not to talk of happenings among other family members and friends, all in the name of modernity. Most of the kings, since they are products of the society, have also jettisoned tradition, norms and customs. They are YUPPIE OBAS-- OBA IGBALODE. AYE DARE OYINBO, A TI N FOJU EGBO TELE.

We must endure the accompanied pains and shame.

Be that as it may, we mustn't gloss over Kings who still raise the banners of their stools very high to the admiration of all. They are the hope we have in Yorubaland that IT IS NOT OVER YET WITH THE KINGSHIP TRADITION AMONG THE DESCENDANTS OF ODU TO DA IWA- ODUDUWA.

But then i can not but render one of Ebenezer Obey's evergreen lyrics:

Kabiyesi fun gbogbo Oriade,
Emi o roba fin o
Tori arobafin loba pa.
Kade pe Lori,
Ki bata pe lese,
Kase pe lenu.
Kesin Oba joko pe pe pe.

To emi o foju doba, to.

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