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Open Letter to Osun PDP members

Dear democrats and comrades, I find it really hard to bottle up on how I am feeling over our loss at the Supreme Court. I felt extremely bad for a number of reasons. First, I nearly lost my life at Alekuwodo fighting for the party to win. The ruling party and her dreadful boys almost overran us but we stood and faced the intimidation. Some of us were beaten with charms and wounded but thank God we are still alive.

Secondly, I have been a loyal member of the People's Democratic Party for the past 16 years and I was hoping that a victory for the party would compensate many of us who have stayed through thick and thin but another 4 years now stares us in the face. Thirdly, we would have won at first ballot and averted the waste of money at the courts and dire disappointment. We had every reason to win and we should have won.

Furthermore, the hopes of the suffering masses of Osun was dashed. My pains are enormous and I am going to let out my mind the way I feel. Anyone is free to disagree with me but this is my truth and sincere feelings.

After the judgement was delivered but justice denied, I have read a few comments from our leaders. I will take the liberty to replicate one sent to me here. This is it: "Chairman (Dr Deji Adeleke), your presence here and reactions to comments are the tonic needed to keep hope alive and give life to dampened spirits. 'No retreat no surrender' from you is the key word and by the Grace of God, in no distance time, victory will be ours."

Sincerely, messages like the cited one which was attributed to Prince Diran Odeyemi are necessary to raise the hope and spirit of every concerned member. That our Osun based national officer has finally come out of hiding and found his voice is great. I know he would feel aggrieved and his bootlickers too would not be happy if I ask where he was when we were shouting our lungs at the coalition centre and putting our lives on the line for the party. Even if that is the case, at this point, we should not hesitate to speak up and be worried about leaders who talk and talk but vanish to thin air when it's time for action. When your enemies are strategic and determined to achieve their goal by all means possible, you have got enough reason to be true to yourself and walk your talk.

Dr Deji, responded well to our challenge and I appreciate him. His words are indeed very encouraging but can never assuage the painful sore in my heart and replenish the dashed hope. I will explain to you so that you can understand that we just lost a won and sealed battle.

- We got a candidate with serious deficits

If we talk we shall die. If we don't, we shall die. So, it's better to admit and speak the truth and die with a clear conscience. Thanks to Senator Dino Malaye!

The greatest disservice Dr Deji did to our party was presenting senator Ademola Adeleke knowing fully well that he didn't have the academic and intellectual capacity for the job.
If we won't deceive ourselves any longer, a member of the family was the one who first blew the whistle and let the cat out of the bag before the ruling party and others picked it. If we had presented a better candidate, (I know no one is perfect) we would have won at first ballot. Osun people were with us and their only expectation from us was to present an efficient, not a trifling, candidate with the capacity to perform and restore ease to the suffering masses.

- Keep your friends close and our enemies closer

It's sad that PDP parted ways with Otunba Iyiola Omisore and lost his huge followers to the Social Democratic Party. Notwithstanding, the outcome of the first ballot gave us a second chance, going by the political atmosphere against the ruling party. But, the opportunity for a golden goal was bungled too. No thanks to those who talked down the simple but logical step to prevail on the political giant. They confidently fumed that we were going to win with or without the short but mighty gladiator and his supporters at the crucial period.

- Leaders failed us

Our leaders failed us. When the Ogunbiyi & Adeleke feud started, it should have been nipped in the bud. Sincere, genuine and frantic efforts should have been made to reconcile both sides. The leaders failed to speak out and meditate for so long. I almost felt that our national chairman, Prince Uche Secondus did not wish our party well in the State.

- We won the votes but lost the seat long ago

Most people's loyalty is to the aspirants and not to the party as such they cannot see anything wrong in their deeds and actions. This is a big shame and it must be corrected. It is even a bigger shame that we won no fewer than 14 local governments during the governorship elections but struggled to defend and hold on to just three seats at the state House of Assembly.

Besides, I wonder why some of our senatorial, House of Representative and House of Assembly candidates could not raise fund to support their own elections but fought tooth and nail to get the tickets as if the race was automatic. How H.E Atiku Abubarka support funds developed wings and vanished into the deep pockets of some people sucks and still hurts.

- Youths, get a life

My utmost sympathy is to myself and my fellow youths who laboured tirelessly for the party and will have to wait for another four years. I advise my colleagues to get a life, look for a job or acquire skills. Politics is not a profession. Second and third address matters. The havoc done by some of the so-called social media warriors in an attempt to impress their bosses and curry financial favours from them cannot be underestimated. Many caused bad blood, wrote and posted lies and made people hate each other within the party to our collective loss.

- Hon Soji Adagunodo did his best but, yes it's not enough

I would have been the happiest person on earth if our chairman had achieved his dream of producing the Governor. Sad, sad and sad but such is life. In life, you can only win some battles and lose some. No one has ever won all. Hon. Adagunodo has done his best. Even though it was not enough and the battle was lost, one will not be wrong to say that he gave a good fight and stood his ground for the party. Those plotting to remove him should fear God and have mercy on the suffering members of the party who are always at the receiving end and bear the brunt of any crisis and foolish animosity within.

- The 3 Musketeers

At the heart of this terrible situation we have found ourselves are three musketeers. They were the ones who sent a thief to the farm and still called the farm owner to come to catch the thief. Sadly, they didn't lose anything. No political dealer lost out outright in the struggle. We the members and a few leaders with good intentions are the losers. I hear that they have started plotting for 2022 already without reflecting on how, where and why we got it wrong. I can only pray God to have mercy on us and again, urge concerned youths to get a life of their own.

- As we prepare for the future

As usual, the dealers have started shopping for governorship aspirants less than 48 hours after losing a major court case. Obviously, they are looking for who to milk again and live on during the years ahead and may be out for another goose chase. No sane members should rest on his or her oars but rather get a life while hoping and praying that the jobless dealers who have no interest of the party at heart receive sense and realise that winning the governorship seat is the ultimate joy and not the instant money and largesse that they foolishly care about, not minding, as recently learnt, that our next set of candidates must possess basic leadership qualities and meet the expectations of the people of Osun if we are truly willing to make a difference.

If care is not taken, I see the party making the same mistakes second and third time. Virile, its time to take stock and move on. We have done our best for the House of Adeleke. The family and all of us have our share of disappointment but God will reward everyone accordingly

As we prepare for the future, I leave you with what the Israelites said to Rehoboam in 1 Kings 12:16,  ''So when all Israel saw that the king hearkened not unto them, the people answered the king, saying, what portion have we in David? neither have we inheritance in the son of Jesse: to your tents, O Israel: now see to thine own house, David. So, Israel departed unto their tents."

The dice is cast and our consciousness should be awakened. This is PDP and not DPP! The party should be open to innovative ideas and accommodate all. Where "I" is replaced with "we", even "illness'' becomes "wellness." God bless PDP. God bless Osun State. God bless you.

Habeeb Adewale,
Concerned PDP member from Osogbo, Osun State.

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