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Man commits suicide in Lagos

An unidentified middle - aged man was in the early hours of Saturday found hanging from a tree on Catholic Mission Road, opposite the Court of Appeal in Lagos Island .

The man , clad in Ankara native attire, was found hanging on a rope which looked like a braided long scarf , tied to a fruit tree
The News Agency of Nigeria correspondent who was at the scene of the suspected suicide, reports that the episode drew the attention of the crowd , who stood in groups chatting and wondering what could have pushed the man to hang himself .

Policemen at the scene of the incident told NAN that they were not allowed to comment on the issue until investigation was carried out .

Some of the people , who had gathered at the scene were busy taking pictures, but no one could identify the man hanging from the tree .

The man was still hanging from the tree as of 9 am , when this report was filed .

( NAN)

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