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"Don't destroy Nigeria by failing to invest in education", ASUU's 2018 parting gift to PMB

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has warned President Muhammadu Buhari not to destroy Nigeria by failing to invest in Education.

ASUU said Nigerian youths are increasingly loosing hope in the country and are revolting with drugs and crime.

ASUU said all development plans being developed with Nigerian money will fail unless Children of the nation are taken along in development plans.

The Chairman, ASUU, UI Dr Deji Omole on Sunday said it should be clear to Nigerians now that more than ever before that Nigerian youths are revolting against the state with growing crimes.

Relying on yoruba maxim, Omole said that the youth government fails to build through qualitative investment in education and nurtured with right values will sell all infrastructures being built at their expense.

ASUU had embarked on strike since November 5 to make government implement previous agreements it entered with the Union but yet to have headway in the struggle.

Omole said if previous leaders were wicked as the present crop of leaders, the little education which President Buhari is using to rule Nigeria would have been denied him.

He said it is shameful that no public varsity in Nigeria can boast of twenty-first century laboratory.

"We are entering 2019 on a sad note that our future is neglected for pecuniary gains of gerontocrats in government. They want to build infrastructure without human capital that will run it. That is failure from the start. President Buhari should give Nigerian youths a future by showing concern for education. If only the little he learnt as student is what present Nigerian youths are exposed to, we would not be on strike. It is their generation that enjoyed the best quality of education and it is their generation that is destroying it. As we continue to tread this path to destruction, the youths are revolting with drugs and crime. Even the case of boko haram that government is now spending billions of dollars to combat is a direct result of the failure of ruling class and lack of vision to provide functional education to the children of the poor."

ASUU contends that properly educated children will not take arms against the state because they will be patriotic and that only a committed investment in public education will salvage the future of Nigeria.

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