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She's a good oga

Tribute to mark Mrs. Abimbola Babatunde's birthday, written by Tunde Adeyemo.

Children christened A-bími-bá-ọlá, the eight days after their birth, came with the regalia of affluence and aura of honour. They grow up having the Midas touch.

Ọmọ Ọlátúnbọ̀sún, I am not taken aback when you display that quality. It's an inherited dignity; it neither diminishes nor fades away -ọmọ Ọlá tí kìí tí; -ọmọ Ọlá tí kìí sá: -ọmọ Ọlá t'ó tún bọ̀ ń sún síwájú.

From a humble start, there you began, cherishing and adding value to the Ọlá until you came to the group of THE WIG, and until you attain THE HEIGHT.

26TH OF NOVEMBER IS YOUR DAY. Aya Babatunde, zenith is not the limit, and the sky is not. Your Maker's plan for you transcends those human limitations.

So, soar more than the eagles. Keep on radiating beauty, elegance and intelligence. Mount upward, remain aloft and remain blessed.

I wish you happy birthday. Many happy returns of the day.  Long life and prosperity in Jesus mighty name Amen

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