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ISI Hijab: female Muslim students locked out of the school gate, others locked in the library as colleagues write tests

The hijab controversy in the University of Ibadan International School over the use of Hijab by female Muslim students is getting twisted as the hijab-wearing syudents of the school were locked out of the school gate Thursday morning by the school authorities 

The hijab issue wjich started on Monday culminated in the distruption of academic  activities in the school on Monday when the school shut the classes against the students of the school because some of the female students wore hijab.

Osun Daily gathered that any female student that wore hijab was not allowed to gain entrance into their school on Thursday. 

Some of the students that were barred from entering ISI on Thursday
The school was also reported to have locked not less than eight Hijab-wearing students in one of its libraries when they refused to remove their headscarfs on Wednesday. 

Chairman, of the Muslim Parents' Forumm University of Ibadan International School, Alhaji Abdulrahman Balogun confirmed this development in a statement sent to Osun Daily. 

Alhajj Balogun who had earlier reported that eight students were locked in the school library when they refused to remove their Hijab on Wednesday.

Balogun added that as a way of sealing with the female Muslim students, other students were made to write two tests after the eight Muslim students were locked in the library.

Balogun said, "ISI 8 are Our Hijab heroines that were sent out of class today."

He said that the Muslim parents will look on while their chikdren are intimidated and harassed in the school.

He said  we will resist all attempts to intimidate and harass our girls. They (management) went to their classes and coerced them, hence some of them removed their hijabs while those who refused were sent out of their classes and locked up in the library till the close of school and made sure there was two test in the class.

"The parents will hold the principal Mrs Phebean Olowe responsible should anything untowards happend to our girls. This is the last warning not to coerce our daughters into submission just as she did to several other girls who reported her to us.
We shall use all legal means to ensure that the fundamental and God given rights of our children are not trampled upon by the Principal". 

As she has maintained since the issue of the hijab started on Monday, the Principal of ISI, Mrs Olowe did not answer calls put through to her to get her reactions on the matter were ignored.

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